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We meticulously dismantle your scrap –
down to the very last detail.

We offer the following services:

  • Dismantling car parts
  • Breaking rails
  • Cutting pipes and beams
  • Crushing mixed scrap
  • Dismantling ships
An der Havel 15  //  14542 Werder OT Töplitz
Email: info@apperlo-zerlegung.de
Call us at:
+49 (0)172 3407626


The Apperlo Zerlegung company has been dismantling scrap since April 2008. Apperlo deploys over seven Volvo excavators in the 18–25 ton weight category, equipped with seven scrap shears and three rail breakers.

Seven employees with many years of experience in preparing scrap and dismantling cars and rails ensure that our work is carried out with the utmost precision. They are supported by two torch cutter professionals.

The Volvo construction machinery is equipped with state-of-the-art attachments. We recently acquired three Rotar scrap shears (2 × RSS 40, 1 × RSS 30) at the Bauma International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery in Munich, Germany, once again underscoring our dedication to deploying state-of-the-art equipment. Today, our longstanding experience in the demolition industry is in great demand for helping improve construction in manufacturing scrap shears and rail breakers.

The company was established from the Stap company, which was based in Bornstedt and managed by Mr. Apperlo from 1995 to 2008. The Apperlo Zerlegung company is currently examining regulations regarding its pending certification.


History of our contractual partners:

  • Dismantling passenger cars and locomotives in Magdeburg [TSR / Magdeburg site / 2004–2007]
  • Rail dismantling at various TSR sites [Berlin, Brandenburg, Magdeburg, Finowfurt, Bremen, Kassel]
  • Rail dismantling in Malchow [Ziems Recycling company / since 2005]
  • Rail dismantling in Reine [Winter Recycling company]
  • Scrap dismantling in Amsterdam [EMR Recycling company]
  • Scrap dismantling in Trinidad/The Caribbean [DDM B.V. company / De Meern / Netherlands]
  • Scrap dismantling in Alkmaar [Overdie Ferro B.V. company / Netherlands]

This work was completed to the full satisfaction of the customer. It was carried out specifically by senior employees at the time along with supervisors from Deutsche Bahn.

Our current contractual partners:

  • Dismantling tank cars and scrap in Salzgitter [DEUMU – German Ore and Metal Union]
  • Scrap dismantling at various TSR sites
  • Scrap dismantling in Magdeburg [Fegert Recycling company]
  • Rail and scrap dismantling in Malchow [Ziems Recycling company]
  • Rail dismantling in Hoboken [Van de Gucht company / Belgium]
  • Scrap dismantling in Lohsa
  • Car part dismantling in Eberswalde & Cologne